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You Kill As A Result Of Coldness.
You loath every living thing on this planet, it all disgusts you. No one is fit for this world but you and you plan to make it that way but killing everyone. You a loner and no one dares to go near you.
Personality: Cold, empty, insane
Weapon: Guns
Expression/Action: Mencing Laugh, or Glare
Most Common Feeling:Disgust

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Adventure resides in your soul!!! You are a person who loves change and is always moving. You are pretty indisicve, you can't make up your mind. But when you do, you are as stubborn as a muel. You are creative, fun-loving, and reckless. You don't mind putting yourself in danger if it means to have a good time. However, your family and friends do worry about you, and you should keep that in mind when off doing something rebellious. You are/were proabably a punk in school. You love disorder and hate rules. You hate being restricted.
On love, you try not to get attached, but somehow you do. The right preson for you is someone who can keep up for you, someone who challenges you. Someone who doesn't mind your lack of affection, becuase they know that through small signs, you do love them. Congratulations, and please rate!!! ^^

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